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Chic Wedding in Santorini

In a country Church

The lovely couple met in the summer of 2010 through common friends in the Greek island of Aegina.

-“I will not reveal exactly how the proposal was, but all I can say is that I cried of emotion for 2 days… “says the bride.

-“The best decision was to organize our wedding in Santorini Island.

 The truth is that we both felt that someone was guiding us, and probably was all the positive energy. “

The wedding took place at the  Chapel of Agion Apostolon on Santorini Tower.

The style of the wedding came from just the first glance at the chapel.

A monastery chapel in itself refers in earthy tones and then for the wedding dinner
the amazing “Alati” in the Vedema Resort hotel. The restaurant is located in old vineyards and
it just in the same colors. As a result the style of the wedding  came from
a monastic style with earthy tones …

-“For the bridal bouquet picked by Markella Ladakakou(flower designer),
white avalanche rose edged autumn leaf and five vanilla beans,
so it gives the sensation of branches and wonderful scent … “

The wedding decorations  were picked entirely to match the styles above.

The brown candelabra instead of classic wedding candles, which were
adorned with the appropriate flowers, dressings and candles.

Eucalyptus branches that were gathered together by the bride and the groom,
on a walk in Aegina, were used for the decoration of the monastery styled tables of
the hall of  Canava in Vedema Resort , where the wedding party was organized.

Another special detail is that all the candles were natural and aromatic and finally
the bouquet had natural vanilla smell so as of the wooden branches.

– Were a surprise for my husband, who as he held up to my coming, smelled the scent of vanilla … “

-“The advice is to have beside you only a few people who trust their opinion and t
o enjoy the whole process of preparation because it’s something unique. “

The wedding captured by Penelope Photos